The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley , Q.C., M.P, Leader of Barbados’ Opposition
The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley , Q.C., M.P, Leader of the Opposition has stated that“she is very satisfied with your depth of research as it relates to the ten (10) international icons mentioned in your publication. It definitely is a great reference tool for the history student.”

ORAL C. RICARDO ‘RICKY’ JORDAN Oral 'Ricky' Jordan Coastline Communication (CC)
People of Conversation Vol. 1’ is almost encyclopaedic in its scope, as author William Anderson Gittens continues to exercise his penchant for detail, accuracy and minutiae. So thorough is the research that I found myself looking to the ends of each chapter for exercises/questions or some other technique to generally reinforce the salient facts in the reader’s mind. ‘People of Conversation Vol. 1’ can therefore be a timely addition to any school library. This work focuses on people who have been and will be talked about for ages. It is interesting, therefore, how Mr. Gittens is able to bring the past and present together via personalities, traits and occurrences. As the author defies the boundaries of race, ideologies and nationalities in this work – publication Number 14 and counting - each personality piece becomes an insight into their lives and the times in which they lived and are living.  At my final reading of this work, Usain Bolt was cementing his irrepressible dominance on the 2015 IAAF World Championships stage in Beijing; hence, I have been able to draw from the wealth of information herein to enhance my conversations – no pun intended – about Bolt’s recent performances. William Anderson Gittens has come a long way in the 15 years that I have known him, and as a result of God’s grace, we have both lived to see the fruits of his firm stand on the need for accuracy, copyright protection, and critical thinking.  He is an inspiration.

Karl K. A. King Management Consultant
Surely deep thought, apt research and profound analysis preceded the unfolding of this valuable document. The book raises the awareness that, although times have changed and technology has improved, human behavior and core personalities remain the same. It also challenges us, through its tactful leadership, to take full advantage of the realized 'edible fruits' of life, while deliberately avoiding the ills of the noted contaminated ones can bring. Congratulations on a job well done on sharing such insights, and we wish you even greater success in the future…

Dr. Omowale Elson Vice -President For Business Development at Elson Consulting Group 
I'm appreciating the research, this is very good work and I bless you for receiving the work the universe asked you to do and the insight of  these stories are generating. Congrats on your latest publication.  Hi William, I got a chance to complete the Mother Teresa and Maya Angelou's profiles. I enjoyed them both and will required my kids to read them also.  This is very good work and I bless you for receiving the work the universe asked you to do. 

Dr.Cathy Jessamy-Babb .

This is a great educational book.  One worth keeping and placing in all educational institutions.  It will inspire all younger ones to excel to higher heights.  Congratulations on a job well done.


Mrs. Barbara A. Chase Acquisition Librarian The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus Sidney Martin Library
​Mrs. Barbara A. Chase has stated that “This Book People of Conversation Vol.1 will take pride of place in our treasured West Indian Collection.”.

Collin Rock MIT Systems Analysis 
I read the book "People of Conversation" Vol. 1 and found it to be very inspiring, educational, delightful, and easy to read.  I am convinced the author has put a great deal of time and effort in writing the book, and the magnitude of research that was done on the characters portrait in  the book has given me a further perspective of the individual leaders and role models who have been written about.  I will highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in expanding his/her horizon about knowing more about these characters; since the research has already been done for us. I am a strong believer that "People of Conversation" Vol. 2 will be just as good or even better. I urge you to not hesitate in purchasing this book and you will find delight in reading it.