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​This 92 pages interactive historical, cultural and educational tool People Vol 2 is an expansion and detailed  highlights of a few people who are part of the world’s population who have been defined and influenced by distinctive characteristics namely - Barbados’ culture.

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ISBN: 9768080590
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages of books: 92 pages
Publisher: William Gittens
Publication Date: 2014 October
Category/ Genre: Historical Educational
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People Vol 2
Publisher: Devgro Media Arts Services ​
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People of Conversation Vol. 1  - $12.45

​ISBN 978-976-95731-0-9
Title: People of Conversation Volume One 
Author: William Anderson Gittens
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Binding - Paperback
Number of pages of books:
Publisher:Devgro Media Arts Services 
Publication Date: July 17 2015
Category/ Genre: Educational Historical
Book Short Description: People of Conversation Volume One  is a postmodern post colonial human story regarding the journey of ten international icons during the periods 1874 to 2015, a time span of approximately 141 years and  also analyses of the icons differences and similarities. This text comprises 140 pages.


NJCU - Author/Media Arts Specialist, William Anderson Gittens  second from right and his wife Dept. Dir. of Media Arts Services Mrs.Magnola Gittens third from right presented complimentary copies of the 18th publication Have You Considered This Approach Volume 1 to faculty of his alma mater New Jersey City University  The gravity of this conversation Have You Considered This Approach Vol.1 is a deep-thinking theoretical question that was analyzed thru the lens of Media Arts Specialists and grounded in Analysis, Arguments presented by Sociologist, and Policy Makers, Technology Specialists. From left Director. OSP/EO New Jersey City University Mr.Andrew Platizky, inserted Academic Career Planning New Jersey City University Mr. Juan Arroyo,  Dir. of Public Info New Jersey City University Mrs. Ellen Wayman-Gordon, Dept. Dir. Media Arts Services Mrs. Magnola Gittens, Media Arts Specialist William Anderson Gittens and New Jersey City University Prof Mr. Matthew Sutton on 26 September 2017.

Barbados In Review Vol.1
This 365 page text is examined through the lenses of a Media Arts Specialist Barbados’ cultural journey 1966-2016. 
In this space the characters who are Barbadians have provided representation, shared ideas and habits they would have learnt with their generation and future generations Further, in this environment its conversation has drawn enormous attention to its approaches in Managing, Mentoring, Parenting, Praying and Voluntarism as a developing nation. Within its landscape there are cultural props such as Building for the Future, Colour Me, Established in Barbados, Focus, Have You Considered This Approach, Images of Yesteryear in Barbados, Land Marks, Mise-en-scene, Monuments, People, and Technique Demonstration that are considered signifiers and symbols .Of note, the architects have added value to its architectural legacy by blending and preserving some of Barbados’ historic buildings, with the Jacobean[2], the Georgian[3] , and the Victorian[4] styles combined with the traditional Barbadian’ chattel houses comprising of wood and stone, and coral construction .Overall what is very undeniable Barbadians have the capacity to adapt its script to a way of life that embraces the philosophy Ask[5] not what Barbados can do for you, But ask what you can do for Barbados.
William Anderson Gittens
Author, CEO, Managing Director, Media Arts Specialist, Cultural Practitioner, Publisher


                                                                                             A Historical Event at NJCU
Former International Student William Anderson Gittens created history Tuesday, October 11 2016. The Media Arts Major returned to New Jersey City University formerly Jersey City State College his alma mater to Honor the late Dr.Joseph Drew, Give Back to the Educational Institution and Launch his 17th and 18th publications namely Is There Anything New Under The Sun Vol. 1 and The Children of Immigrants Vol. 1.  It should be noted that he honored the late Dr. Joseph Drew his former advisor and mentor in his 17th text Is There Anything New Under The Sun Vol. 1. The Author and Media Arts Specialist William Anderson Gittens graduated the spring of 1995. This Memorable event was staged in The New Jersey City University GSUB Round Table.  At the start of Mr. Gittens’ presentation speech he paused briefly to remember those persons who were no longer with us who had gone to great beyond. He added that Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, describes an oxymoron as a figure of speech that juxtaposes elements that appear to be contradictory, but which contain a concealed point. This definition accurately described his 1992 experience at New Jersey City University, formally Jersey City State College.

Further, the author underscored the point that he was accepted at Jersey City State College to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts. “The thought of this decision to attend Jersey City State College evoked mixed feelings such as happiness and sadness at the same time because I was departing Barbados to pursue studies and leave my family behind”. In the pursuit of his dream of education, he discovered Newton’s Third Law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This was certainly evident since he had experienced the following  

• Elected as Editor-in-Chief of the JCSC Year book
• Worked with College Security,
• Served on Student Discipline Committee
• Worked in computer lab as a lab assistant
• Met distinguished persons
• Graduated in 1995 with Bachelors of Arts Degree program in Media Arts
• Received the advice of the late Dr. Joseph Drew who advised me to make writing a career.

After he graduated, he returned to Barbados with a view to write and write. This exercise became so infectious that it made me a passionate and prolific writer. An analysis of his journey suggested that these variables are the catalyst that catapulted him into publishing 18 books namely:
• Images of Yesteryear in Barbados Vol.1 ,& Vol.2
• Building for the Future Vol.1
• Colour Me Vol.1
• Mise en scene, Vol.1
• Land Marks Vol.1
• Technique Demonstration Vol.1
• Established in Barbados Vol.1 and Vol. 2
• Monuments Vol.1
• Focus Vol.1
• People Vol.1 and Vol.2
• People of Conversation Vol. 1
• Barbados in Review Vol.1
• Have You Consider This Approach Vol. 1
• Is There Anything New Under The Sun Vol. 1
• The Children of Immigrants Vol. 1

Complimentary copies of the said books were now in the possession of the following organizations:
• Barbados Tourism Sector,
• Barbados National Public Library,
• University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus
• Trinity Private School,
• People’s Cathedral Private School,
• Saint Giles Primary School, 
• Wesley Hall Infants Schools 
• Wesley Hall Primary School and 
• Parkinson Memorial Secondary School

The Author said that his books received great reviews and are on sale in Barbados at the Cloister Bookstore and Chattel House Bookstores. Mr. Gittens made the telling point that as a result of the seed of academia planted in him by the Jersey City State College faculty and staff certainly bore fruit . He added that he was now equipped to make a more meaningful contribution in giving back to New Jersey City University, Barbados and by extension the world.

In light of these events he was eternally appreciative and thankful to the New Jersey City University faculty and staff and the Creator for the roles they played in his development and growth. In concluding Mr.Gittens underscored the fact that he is now a retiree after working 11 years in the private sector and 31years with the Barbados Government in various positions.  It was against this background that Mr.Gittens launched his 17th and 18th publication. Mr.Gittens and his wife Magnola publicly thanked and recognized New Jersey City University faculty and staff as distinguished persons with awards and complimentary. His 3 latest publications Barbados In Review Vol.1, The Children of Immigrants Vol1 Is There Anything New Under The Sun? Vol.1”are conversations that underscores a character study of human behavior

In summary, The Children of Immigrants Vol1 is a conversation that underscores a character study of human behavior that is fueled by the fulfilling innate of human needs that work together with the factors of economics, environmental, political, and social synergies. Barbados In Review Vol.1 has framed 50-plus years of Barbadian culture in a year of pages which tell the stories of Independence, heroes and habits of the past, and indeed a vision for the future of this young, developing nation in 365 pages.   “Is There Anything New Under The Sun?” is a conversation which discusses a deep-thinking question within a broad-mind context human beings development and growth and they comp licitness within a broad-mind context. At this juncture Mr. Gittens presented Thank You Awards to Director. OSP/EOF New Jersey City University Mr. Andrew Platizky, and Professor Jane Steuerwald former Chair of New Jersey City University Media Department for their selfless outstanding contribution they made during his academic journey. He also presented complimentary copies of his text Barbados In Review Vol.1, Is There Anything New Under The Sun Vol. 1 and The Children of Immigrants Vol. 1 were presented
Mr. Fred Smith Director of the New Jersey City University Library-
Mrs. Magnola Gittens,
Author Media Arts Specialist William Anderson Gittens,
New Jersey City University, Prof Jane Steuerwald, Media Department
Director. OSP/EOF New Jersey City University Mr. Andrew Platizky
Academic Career Planning New Jersey City University Assistant Dir Mr. Juan Arroyo
Dir. of Public Info New Jersey City University Mrs. Ellen Wayman-Gordon