As CEO ,Managing Director,  I believe that the Creator would have engineered circumstances that allowed Devgro Media Arts Services to move from a theoretical construct  in 1972  to a lived experience in 2015.

Over a 42 year  period I have had the distinct pleasure of serving my country Barbados, 11 years in the Private Sector and 31 years with the Barbados Government. On this journey I have functioned  in several posts, at various levels gaining certification , experiences and representing Barbados with distinction and honor locally, regionally, and internationally in the following:-

  • Media Arts,
  • Communication Arts,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • General Management Level 1, 
  • Editor-In- Chief,
  • Course work in the discipline of  the Post Master Studies works  in Cultural Studies,  
  • Teaching Media Arts at the University of The West Indies Faculty of Education and The School of Continuing Studies
  • Inducted into the Hall of Professionals at St.Giles Primary School Alma Mater

12th January 2015, Devgro Media Arts Services was registered in the Register of Business Names under No. 54463 and a Member of Small Business Association # 20912
As Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director   in concert with Director Technical my wife Magnola in managing  of Devgro Media Arts Services we  will develop and grow in what we do best in this Global Space  in the context of Excellence, Professionalism and Quality in the production of Multimedia PowerPoint Presentations.

Devgro Media Arts Services embraces  Mother Teresa’s philosophy “I can do things you cannot do, you can do things I cannot do, together we can do great things. God bless